Sesame Candy

  • Product description:Strictly selected black sesame seeds, boiled with top malt, rich aroma, sweet but not greasy.
  • Product Description:Selected black sesame seeds with full grains, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and maltose boiled with top-quality malt, inherit the ancient method and refine by hand, so that the ingredients are closely combined. The aroma of sesame seeds is strong, the taste is crispy, and it is a nostalgic and ancient delicacy that makes you never get tired of eating!
Sesame Candy, Black Sesame Candy
Sesame Candy, Black Sesame Candy
  • Product nameGuanyi - Sesame Candy
  • brandGuanyi
  • Specification250g* 24pcs/carton
  • ingredientsBlack sesame, maltose, sugar, palm oil, salt
  • barcode4713653604834
  • OriginTaiwan
  • Shelf lifesix months

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