Chicken flavor coated Peanut

  • Product description:Specially selected plump peanuts, carefully selected high-quality seasonings, carefully prepared by master chefs, combined with local snack flavors.
  • Product Description:The peppercorns with full granules are carefully selected and dried to retain the most natural and rich aroma. Before use, it is carefully ground by machine to capture the first-hand fragrance of peppercorns. It is mostly used for cooking to increase the flavor of cooking and the pungent choking pleasure.
Chicken flavor coated Peanut
Chicken flavor coated Peanut
  • Product nameTaiwan King - Salted Chicken and Peanuts
  • brandGuanyi - Taiwan King
  • Specification90g Handbag x 40pcs/carton
  • ingredientsPeanuts, flour, Acetylated distarch adipate(pasting agent), chicken flavor powder, sodium L-glutamate (flavoring agent), white pepper, black pepper, refined salt, sugar, palm oil
  • barcode4713653602052
  • OriginTaiwan
  • Shelf lifesix months

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