Peanut Manufacturer


Established in 1991

Hope to bring customers a smile of praise as the company goal

Guan Yih Foods was established in 1991. The company's base is a food processing and manufacturing company located in Taichung Industrial Zone.

Taiwan's authentic raw materials peanuts, Vietnam's crescent-shaped cashews, North America's almond nuts and other natural ingredients from around the world, nuts, peanuts, beans, etc., have been carefully developed and processed with quality requirements.

The company aims to produce delicious and safe products by selling them to various supermarkets, supermarkets, mass retailers, etc. at home and abroad, and hope to bring smiles from customers.

smiling crown

company identification

Agriculture was the lifeblood of Taiwan's early economy. In mid-1981, overproduction of agriculture caused farmers' hard-working agricultural products to fail to be used effectively. Not only was the income of farmers poor, but agricultural resources were even wasted. In view of this, the company resolutely invested in agricultural product processing. manufacture. Adhering to product quality and trust, we hope to bring good products to consumers and give consumers a sense of satisfaction, and to spread a satisfied smile from consumers is the company's greatest expectation.