Cheer up - Broad Beans (Shrimp)

  • Product description:Shelled broad bean slices with crispy shrimp, sea and land are wonderfully delicious.
  • Product Description:Fresh prawns completely concentrate the umami of the sea. After subsequent processing, they retain the natural salty and sweet taste. They are the best natural source of calcium intake for children and the elderly. The more you chew, the more fragrant it is, it is worth savoring this gift from the ocean.
Cheer up - Broad Beans (Shrimp)
Cheer up - Broad Beans (Shrimp)
  • Product nameCheer up - Broad Beans (Shrimp)
  • brandCheer up
  • Specification80g* 80pcs/carton
  • ingredientsBroad bean, flour, acetylated distarch adipate (pasting agent), shrimp, powder, soy sauce, sugar, salt, garlic powder, sodium L-glutamate (flavoring agent), sesame, green onion, chili pepper, palm oil, carbonic acid Sodium hydrogen (expanding agent)
  • barcode4713653602236
  • OriginTaiwan
  • Shelf lifeeight months

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