Frequently asked question

Q. Do peanuts have aflatoxin?

Not only peanuts, but also nuts are afraid of aflatoxin!
Aflatoxin is a toxin produced by fungi, which is difficult to kill after being manufactured at high temperature.
In addition to peanuts, nuts, beans, corn and other whole grains, it may also happen if they are stored improperly or if the storage environment is too humid.
The company carefully controls the quality. The raw materials come in for immediate quality control inspection and storage in the freezer. The raw materials are released from the freezer for processing before production. Every year, the company conducts random inspections in the store to minimize risks. Although they are all small peanuts, the safety of different chefs is also different. It is recommended to choose a reputable food manufacturer, and it is better not to buy goods from unknown sources.

Q. Why do peanuts produce oil consumption taste?

Oil consumption is the contact between oil and water, resulting in a change in flavor.
Guanyi only uses legal ingredients approved by the government in the production of flowers, and never uses illegal preservatives. In addition, peanuts are rich in oil, which is easy to change due to external moisture. The product is like a human, it has a life cycle and cannot be stored for many years.
The company recommends using electroplated aluminum foil bags to isolate external moisture. After opening the product, please consume it as soon as possible. Do not put it in a high temperature and humidity place.