OEM Service


OEM service

Discuss with customers based on relevant experience

Most of the customers are more aware of the choice of their own brand and product taste, but they are relatively unfamiliar with product pricing, target customer groups, and product quality details. Generally, they will discuss with customers based on relevant experience, and then locate the target product.


Product discussion

Product positioning, target customers, sales channels

The chance to the success of the product might be high or low. The initial product positioning accounts for a large proportion. Coupled with the strong brand of customers and the persistence of delicious food, the seller's acceptance of the product is improved.

Decades of accumulation of channels, in product pricing, promotions, customer groups, and sales channels: convenience stores, mass merchandisers, and supermarkets have carefully identified product differences for different needs.


Raw material development

Sample proofing, taste correction

There are hundreds of products in the sales channel, and the products set by the customer are tested by multiple people to find out whether the taste setting is aimed at the accurate consumer group, and repeat the test to find different tastes.


Package Design

Product packaging style

The customer provides high-quality design packaging, and the company provides suitable packaging size and quantitative style. The professional bag factory can quickly give advice on the design and color use, so that customers can invest in the production of finished products as soon as possible without any worries. .


production quantification

Stable output of goods

Stabilize quality and quantify production, stably output goods, and create a win-win situation for customers, manufacturers, sales channels and consumers

Peanut production process

Guanyi peanut production integrates years of experience control into raw material control, manufacturing, semi-finished product packaging, and final product output. Expect the seller to eat peanuts with a satisfied smile.


Raw material control

Peanut raw materials are purchased by farmers who have cooperated with them for a long time, and the quality control personnel will conduct sampling inspection immediately after arriving at the factory, and then send them to the freezer for storage to prevent the products from becoming moldy and prone to produce aflatoxin.



Due to the different particle size and moisture content of peanuts in each phase, semi-automatic equipment must be used to maintain a certain level of flavor and taste of peanuts produced in each batch through personnel SOP.


Semi-finished product packaging

Using automated equipment, a certain amount of mass production can be achieved. In addition, before the back-end packaging, it is equipped with a gold inspection machine to do one more check.


final product output

Long-term cooperation with Taiwan-wide logistics to deliver goods to various points in Taiwan.