Red Peanuts in Shell

  • Product description:Strictly selected origin, authentic ingredients.
  • Product Description:Peanut shell is the most natural protective film of peanut kernels, retaining the most natural original flavor of peanuts. It is fried by experienced chefs to reduce the water content, and the red earth is wrapped with flavoring, making it more fragrant the more you chew, and the more you eat!
Red Peanuts in Shell, red peanut
Red Peanuts in Shell, red peanut
  • Product nameGuanyi-Red Shell Peanuts
  • brandGuanyi
  • Specification180g* 36pcs/carton
  • ingredientsSelected groundnuts, refined salt, red mud, flour
  • barcode4713653600287
  • OriginTaiwan
  • Shelf lifesix months

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